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Our proprietary process ensures that you receive the application that is the best fit for today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth.

Fit, Form, and Function Our Services

Proof of Concept Apps and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

Proof of Concept Apps and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach to software is a phased delivery that prioritizes what you need immediately while planning for the features you have on the horizon. This approach puts working software in front of you faster with less development time, and it prevents extraneous development of features that could increase your app’s complexity and maintenance burden.

Mobile Application Design and Development

Mobile Application Design and Development

As the cost of subscriptions rise, creating your own systems becomes more and more budget friendly, and takes less time to show a return on investment. Sartoris can provide mobile app solutions that reduce your need for outside software and services, reducing your overall technology budget.

Progressive Web Application Development (PWAs)

Progressive Web Application Development (PWAs)

With every step technology takes forward, user expectations for speed and reliability step up in kind. We meet your user’s expectations by designing progressive web applications that leverage the latest browser technology—ensuring that your app will load quickly and perform consistently across multiple devices.

Simulators and Employee Training Applications

Simulators and Employee Training Applications

Simulator applications offer huge advantages over other forms of training, not the least of which is improved security and faster employee onboarding. There’s almost no limit to what can be accomplished with a simulator. In fact, some of our clients prefer their simulator over the real thing.

Enterprise Dashboards

Enterprise Dashboards

Imagine all your business-critical data in one place. Imagine having the all decision-making information that you need at a glance. We create software that allows your departments (HR, Sales, Accounting) to continue working within their own systems but enables select access to relevant data to others, eliminating redundancy, improving accuracy, and empowering executives. Now that’s ” business intelligence software.”

The Sartoris Process Software Serving People


1. Consultation

Our discovery process is exhaustive. We dig deep and ask lots of questions ensuring that we leave no stone unturned regarding your needs or expectations.

  • Requirements gathering
  • Request existing assets such as wireframes, styleguides, provisioning profiles, etc.
  • Request required access to developer accounts, VPN, etc.
  • Determine scope of work
  • Develop an estimate
Initial Fitting

2. Initial Fitting

We design functional working wireframes in accordance with our MVP philosophy. We incorporate your feedback rapidly and constantly adapt the pattern to your measurements.

  • Create mockups and interactive prototype using Sketch and Invision
  • Receive client feedback on prototype
  • Review application architecture decisions

3. Construction

We move from plan to production, providing constant communication with you about timeframes, milestones, and deliverables. Our distributed team means we can work round the clock for you and roll out software faster than you would expect. In addition, we’re building a client portal and management tools so that you can visually see what we’re working on at any time.

  • Establish dev and staging environments
  • Coding
  • DevOps with continuous deployment
  • Regular Scrum meetings and client updates
Second Fitting (Beta Testing)

4. Second Fitting (Beta Testing)

Speed to market takes on a whole new meaning when you're working with Sartoris. To know whether we’ve been successful, we have to see how your solution functions in your actual operational environment.

  • Review beta with client
  • Gather bug report data
  • Gather and estimate change requests
Finishing Touches

5. Finishing Touches

We tie up loose threads and iron out any kinks, and your new software will soon become part of your everyday operations.

  • Fix reported bugs
  • Implement change requests
  • Request additional fittings to test new features from change requests

6. Support

As your business accelerates and evolves, new needs will certainly arise. Once your software is “broken in,” we can develop new features that will enhance your productivity.

  • Deploy completed application to production
  • Assist with deployment of mobile apps to Apple or Google Play app stores
  • Provide Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Tried and True Patterns for Elegant Software Design

Our favorite conversations begin with the words, “Have you ever done…”
the answer is: “.…but of course.”

We have a diverse array of experience among our distributed team of developers.

Software and Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud
Unity 3D


React Native
Native iOS Development (Swift / Objective C)
Native Android Development
Spring Framework
Ruby on Rails

Development Processes

Amazon AWS
Git Version Control
Git Flow
Continuous integration and deployment
Automated testing