The Yak Network

A Game-Changing, Communications Platform Reinvents Digital Interactions


Sartoris Technologies an established software technology company partnered with Yak Network to fill the void for a game-changing online face-to-face chat solution.

Yak Network was created with the firm belief that people want unique choices in how they communicate. It brings an interactive gaming experience to video chats and provides a life-enhancing communication option for its customers.

Giving the immediate nature of online, face-to-face interactions, Yak Network sought out a new way to engage video chat users and enable gamification within interactions.

Yak Network communication patented platform is the most versatile gaming-video-chat tool on the market. By engaging up to 6 participants in an interactive game during a video chat, the utilization possibilities are endless. The tool’s capabilities and area of use reach from fun interaction between friends to corporate engagement with employees and customers.


Yak Network was developed to engage the communicating parties in a lively, competitive and captivating way. This is where the video chat meets gamification when the game playing elements cross over to other areas of activities.

Yak’s platform lets its users create unique Q&A games. The fully customizable interface creates a personalized experience, allowing users to participate in games against each other and invite an audience to observe the interaction. The quizzes can be used in a fun or educational way, depending on the end-users’ needs. The educational element of the video Q&A brings teams together, boosting productivity and achieving learning milestones. Yak’s interface is designed for video communication and the Q&A quiz to appear in the same window, eliminating the need to switch between tabs, windows or separate applications. The face-to-face interactions provide users the opportunity to see facial expressions, and body language, bringing an emotional aspect to digital interactions.

The potential of integrating Yak Network’s solution into various areas of use is presenting a unique opportunity. As of now, Yak has been focusing on the following five segments:

  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Websites
  • Relationships
  • Gaming

The platform can be utilized for a variety of interactions, where you can meet and play with old and new friends without living the comfort of your home or engage with customers or colleagues in a business environment.


As we take a closer look at current chat applications on the market, it becomes clear that the trends of interactive communications are moving beyond a simple conversational exchange. The integration of interactive activities within communication platforms is becoming the norm. The trends in the online communication segment indicate the move towards engaging and lively digital interactions. With the help of Sartoris Technologies, Yak Network is at the forefront of these trends.